Skier on fresh powder at Lutsen Mountains

Adaptive Skiing

Lutsen Mountains welcomes Adaptive Skiers. Upon arrival, we invite you to visit our Snowsports Center desk for information on lift tickets, terrain, and for direction and assistance getting you out on the slopes. We also invite you to use our Snowsports Center for wheelchair or other adaptive items storage while you are out skiing. 

For your convenience, there are designated parking spots in various locations adjacent to our facilities including the Papa Charlie’s and Eagle Ridge Resort lots. 


Adaptive Ski Equipment

Lutsen Mountains allows the use of adaptive devices or other “manually-powered mobility aids” designed for use on the ski slopes. Adaptive devices are any specialized equipment that was designed and manufactured primarily for use by individuals who have disabilities, including; mono-skis, bi skis, ski outriggers, and sit-skis. Ski bikes and power-driven mobility devices are prohibited at Lutsen Mountains.  

At this time Lutsen Mountains does not have adaptive ski equipment available for rent. 


Adaptive Ski Lessons

The Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute - Northland based in Duluth, MN offers "Learn to Ski Days " at Lutsen Mountains. This one-to-one instruction or ski buddies programs are available for standup, bi-skiing, and mono-skiing. For more information please contact Eric Larson, Duluth Northland Contact, at (218) 726-4834 ext 4 or email:

The Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Center offers additional classes at Spirit Mountain and Giant's Ridge, please contact them directly in regards to availability. 


For more information about our adaptive skiing options please email