Ability Levels

Please use the guide below to choose the proper ability level.

Ability Level Definitions

Youth Ski Levels (ages 4-12)

Level 1: For children who have never skied before or have skied once. Learn the basics of balance, stopping, and steering. This class takes place on our Flapjack run utilizing the Magic Capet.
Level 2: For children who are comfortable on their skis and have taken lessons previously. This class will focus on stopping and wedge turns. This class takes place on our Flapjack run utilizing the Magic Carpet.
Level 3: For children who can come to a complete stop and are comfortable with their turns. This class utilizes the Ullr chairlift and will ski green and blue runs on Ullr Mountain. This class is for children who are looking to gain comfort in their ski ability and terrain levels with an introduction to parallel turns.
Level 4: For children who are comfortable on green and blue terrain and who have had an introduction to parallel turning. This class focuses on fine-tuning turning and stopping techniques.

Youth Class Descriptions

Adult Ski Levels (ages 13+)

Level 1: For those new to the sport of skiing! This level focuses on the basics of downhill skiing including equipment, balance, stopping, and steering.
Level 2: For adults that can stop and are turning in a controlled wedge. Learn speed and direction control through turns. Easiest green runs.
Level 3: For adults who can turn confidently in an open wedge, learn to skid your turns and match your skis at the end of the turn. Green runs.
Level 4: For adults who can skid and match their skis parallel at the end of turns on all green runs. Learn to turn more confidently on steeper slopes. Green and blue terrain.
Level 5: For adults who can make skidded parallel turns, and are ready to learn about weight transfer and pole planting. Green and blue terrain.

Adult Class Descriptions

Snowboarding Levels

Level 1: For students who have never snowboarded before. Strap in and learn the basics of stance, sliding, and balance on our Learning Terrain.
Level 2: For those who have taken introductory snowboarding lessons previously. Build on the basics, develop speed and direction control on both edges while side slipping, traversing, and making skidded turns on green terrain.


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