Historic ski shot of Lutsen Mountains in Lutsen, MN

Return Skier Visit Program

The Return Skier Visit Program (RSVP) provides guests the opportunity to return partially used multi-day lift tickets and receive credit toward future Lutsen Mountains ski tickets. To receive credit, tickets must be returned to the main ticket office prior to 10a on the valid date of issue. 

When unused days on lift tickets are put into the RSVP account, guests receive a credit for the difference between what they did pay, and what they would have paid for the number of days used. 

For example, if a guest purchases a 5-day Prime Season Ticket Package for $340 and only uses 3 days, they receive the difference between what they paid for the 5-day ticket and what they would have paid had they purchased a 3-day ticket ($216) - the value of the RSVP credit is $124.

In the case of a Family Package, the 5-day Adult/Child combo ticket is $410. If only 3 days were used, a 3-day Adult & 3-day Child Prime Season Ticket Package would have cost $387, so the difference between the 5-day family combo ticket and a 3-day adult/child ticket would offer a credit of $23.

Guests have one year from the date of issue to use the RSVP credit. Lutsen Mountains will not replace or extend lost or unused RSVP credits.