Flex Reloads

If you already have a Lutsen Mountains RFID card, reload it online for direct to lift access! 

On your first visit of the season, you are issued a reloadable RFID card which can be reloaded throughout the season for direct-to-lift access on future visits. Reload tickets are offered at Early Bird prices throughout the season. Online reloads must be purchased a minimum of 72 hours prior to arrival. Reloads within 72 hours must be activated at a ticket window and will be sold at the window rates.

Extended Weekend Reloads are available onsite only. 
Online Reload Rates

1 Day Reload
(Save $3)

2 Day Reload
(Save $15)

3 Day Reload
(Save $30)









Reloads are non-refundable and non-transferable, a credit voucher valid for one year may be issued for unused days providing that the cardholder contacts Lutsen Mountains by April 30, 2022.