Papa Charlie's Outdoor Deck

Ski Party // Lissie

Saturday January 5th 2019 10:45PM

Ski Party is a weekend ski, snowboard and music festival curated by the folks at GNDWIRE Records. It's a throwback to a time when skiing was cool and sexy. It's a look forward to new music and a modern mountain resort. But mostly, it's a party - friends new and old hangin' on the slopes, in the chalets and enjoying great music. So come on guys and gals, please join us, for the 4th annual Ski Party.

Lissie was raised in the riverside town of Rock Island, Illinois, and she drew upon those blue-collar Midwestern origins to create her own form of indie folk music. Her songs have appeared on shows like The O.C., Veronica Mars, House and the most recent season of Twin Peaks and have a commercial appeal that helped land her Catching a Tiger album in the Top Five of the U.S. Billboard Folk Albums and number 12 on the U.K. Albums chart.