Papa Charlie’s new Monday Night Songwriter Series welcomes popular singer/songwriters from the Twin Cities and beyond. Every Monday features a popular Twin Cities songwriter for an intimate acoustic show. Join your fellow discerning music lovers for these great shows.
It’s free every Monday night, from 8 – 10 pm.

Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank
January 7 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
Brothers Teague and Ian Alexy's first two albums as Hobo Nephews of Uncle Frank placed them firmly among the pioneers of the impressive roots music resurgence going on in Minnesota. Both well-respected singer/songwriters, Teague is practically a one man band stomping his feet, banging out rhythm guitar and blowing soulful blues on the harmonica around his neck while Ian is a foot stomping guitar ace on both melodic acoustic and rowdy, rock n' roll electric. Hobo Nephews are currently touring coast to coast promoting their new album Traveling Show.

Rogue Valley
January 14 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
Rogue Valley is a band born of grandiose ambition: in a single year, they have written, recorded, and successfully released four full length albums, each one sonically steeped in the season of its creation. Together, the four albums tell a sweeping story of love, loss, regret and hope that is inseparable from the geography of classic American wanderlust. The 46 songs act as chapters, standing strongly on their own, yet creating an undeniably rich experience when taken as a whole.

Ben Kyle of Romantica
January 21 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
Singer, songwriter and driving force behind the Midwest's beloved alt-country band Romantica, can be counted on to bring you a song brimming with melody, meaning and feeling. Born in Belfast, Northern Ireland, but embracing the musical roots of North America upon his family's emigration to Minnesota, Kyle has duetted with Ryan Adams, Alejandro Escovedo, Sara Watkins and Dan Wilson, and has just released a recording of duets with Austin songstress and fiddle queen Carrie Rodriguez.

Dan Israel
January 28 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
Much admired and beloved by Twin Cities audiences and fellow musicians alike, Dan Israel is a multiple Minnesota Music Academy (MMA) award-winner (2006 Songwriter of the Year) with 11 (soon to be 12) albums under his belt. He received a 4-star review from the UK's Uncut magazine, and about his latest release, "Crosstown Traveler", Minneapolis-St. Paul magazine's Secrets of the City blog noted "Dan Israel is easily one of the Twin Cities' poet laureates, steadfastly making his way into the ranks of local singer/songwriter legends like Paul Westerberg".

Meg Hutchinson
February 4 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
Meg Hutchinson is an award-winning songwriter who artfully documents the human condition. With a poet's ease, she makes the personal universal, allowing people's stories to come alive through her unique vocals and haunting melodies. Since the release of her Red House Records debut COME UP FULL, she has won high praise for her songwriting and has been featured nationally on NPR Music, XM/Sirius Radio and several times on the syndicated show Mountain Stage. Publications like The Winnipeg Free Press have compared her songwriting with that of veterans Dar Williams, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Joni Mitchell.

Haley Bonar
February 11 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
Raised in the Black Hills of South Dakota, Haley moved to Duluth, MN, was heard by the front man of the band Low and invited to open for them on tour. At 29 Haley already has a renowned decade of music - 3 albums and 4 EP's of her country, folk, indie rock, alternative style.

Communist Daughter
February 18 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
From the basements of Wisconsin and Minnesota to your hearts, Communist Daughter came together after Johnny Solomon had given up on music. He left his critically acclaimed band and his musical roots in Minneapolis. Running from addiction and stints in jail it wasn't long till Solomon faced his demons head on and the resulting debut album is a glorious return to form with Communist Daughter.

Holly Newsom of Zoo Animal
February 25 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
Newsom's talent as a vocalist is undeniable; she reminds me of singers like Adele in that respect. Not that there are many similarities between Newsom's delivery and Adele's -- Newsom rarely belts out her high notes, opting instead to anchor her melodies around her pretty, breathy mezzo-sopranno range -- but she instills the same sense of confidence in her listeners." ~Andrea Swensson (The Local Current Blog)

Erik Koskinen
March 4 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
"Best known as an ace guitarist (for Molly Maher, Randy Weeks) and a producer/engineer (Trampled by Turtles), Erik Koskinen should also be recognized as a masterful songwriter and rousing country singer with the release of his solo album, 'Keep It to Yourself.' The Upper Peninsula native comes off like a twangier Greg Brown or a moodier John Hiatt in down-and-out gems such as 'Treat Me So Bad,' several rambling rockers and one downright horny gem, 'Pretty Girls.'" ~ Chris Riemenschneider - Star Tribune

The Mad Ripple Hootenanny
March 11 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
In November of 2007, writer/songwriter Jim Walsh walked into Java Jack’s coffee shop in South Minneapolis and asked the owner if he’d be a songwriter-storyteller round-robin night at his place. Walsh had been going to hear songwriters at bars and coffee shops, but had routinely been unable to hear, due to loud crowds or bad sound systems. It worked, and caught on. Walsh called it the Mad Ripple Friday Night Hootenanny and started putting line-ups together for every Friday night, with the idea being that it would last only the month of November. People loved it, supported it, and came out. People met each other, played with each other, and married each other. Since then the Hoot has landed in most every joint in the Twin Cities, as well as New York a couple times, California, Duluth, and beyond. Join us for the first-ever Hoot at Papa Charlie's...
Special Guests include:
Brianna Lane
Terry Walsh
Julia Douglass -
Pete Christensen – keyboards
Joe Fahey
Martin Devaney

Chastity Brown
March 18 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
She'll put a spell on you. Sweet as molasses and woodsmoke, clear and burning as summer sun, Chastity Brown casts magic. Her voice brings you to the crossroads with every turn, warms, comforts and challenges you. She is the inheritor of Leadbelly, Nina Simone, Bonnie Raitt and Roberta Flack. She is past, present and future. She is fire, earth, air and water. She's a natural.

Charlie Parr
March 25 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
The rough-and-ready sound of Charlie Parr's banjo and guitar work is exactly the kind of aesthetic that's not meant to age - or rather, is meant to make a sound appear somehow timeless however much it's captured on an optical disc read by lasers. Larger philosophical points aside, Charlie Parr - a confused and shy individual - plays original and traditional folk and Piedmont-style blues, accompanying himself on National resonator guitars, 12-string guitar and sometimes a banjo. Music seems to have rendered Charlie unemployable and is the only thing he's ever done with any confidence. And he does it well.

Actual Wolf
April 1 – Papa Charlie's - 8-10pm | FREE
The Legend of the Actual Wolf
There are outlaws, and there are outlaws. Some practice the pose and cultivate the image, though seldom dirty their soft, bourgeois hands with anything actually outside the law. When they do, it is often despicable, irresponsible or just plain mundane. The Actual Wolf, however, is a real outlaw and has plead guilty to it. Between the bust and before the trial AW recorded a pair of EPs, each showing 'another side of the Wolf'. The first is USA, an everyman's acoustic album that channels both Woody and Zimmerman on a smuggler's road trip on the cop-laden corridor of the I-80. The second-Lightning & the Wolf-conjures a 30-something's symphony to Gawd, a rock EP at times so ethereal that it floats like smoke up into the aether, at others so earthy & grounded you can almost feel the parole. This is not music that pleads for forgiveness-the man has given his freedom as a sacrament at the altar of his beliefs. Rather, these are songs of redemption. Actual Wolf has paid a price, but like many deals with devils, seems to have come out the greater for it.

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